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12 x Fujitsu AA Rechargeable Batteries 2450mAh

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Fujitsu Rechargeable AA battery are high quality rechargeable batteries made in Japan. Four pre-charged low self discharge AA cells for high drain devices such as trail cameras, torches etc. The Black Fujitsu has extra capacity with typical 2550mAh and minimum 2450mAh per cell. These are the batteries we use and recommend for our high quality trail cameras and head torches. PACK OF 12. FREE SHIPPING included!
  • Ready to use, fully charged.
  • Can be charged up to 500 times.
  • Retain up to 85% of their original power after one year - Low self discharge means they are ready for use even after storage.
  • Continue to work to full compacity in different temperatures.
  • 5 times more powerful than equivalent size alkaline battery.

PLEASE NOTE: These are very powerful batteries. Use at your own risk with high care and consideration. They are only to be used with high quality chargers designed for NiMH batteries such as Nitecore, Panasonic or Eneloop. These batteries can explode or catch on fire when used improperly! Cane Pig Queensland will not take responsibility for damage, injury or death sustained from improper use of these batteries. Cane Pig Queensland can not offer replacement or refund on improper use of battery and chargers. Do not overcharge. Do not over-discharge. Do not short circuit your batteries. Do not let your batteries touch each other or other metallic items.