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CPQ Cellular Control Box

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Australian Made here in Queensland, by us Cane Pig Queensland are our 3G/4G cellular boxes. These cellular control boxes have been made to be highest of quality but the most cost effective and reliable for farmers, hunters, pest controllers, businesses etc. The control boxes are waterproof and UV treated. We are building these for people with existing pig traps that would like to convert them to cellular or for people that would like to make their own gate. At the end of the day, they are pig traps that work and are proven to be reliable. If you are wanting a Rolls-Royce version, we can supply for additional costs.
Please note CONTROL BOX ONLY: You will need 1 x sim card (Telstra recommended). NOTE: These control boxes are NON-REFUNDABLE and NO WARRANTY due to the sensitivity of the product parts. If this solenoid can not fully seat/close, the solenoid will burn out. The crack weight of the solenoid is 5kg - A latch must be used on spring door gates/ light drop gates. For heavier guillotine style gates a counter lever system must be used. We sell both options separately. It is up to buyer discretion to be able to set up boxes to gate - if you have no skills please do not purchase box without gate. Please carefully follow instructions included with box.
  • No cloud service, no apps required to use these gates
  • Supplied with 4 fastening bolts & nuts
  • Comes with a 2.5m power supply cord
  • Simply require a sim card (recommended Telstra network) &
  • Recommended camera is the Spromise S378 trail camera
  • Come with a 5dB aerial
  • Full replacement parts list available
  • If you are in patchy service areas, the standard aerial that we supply should be suffice. If not, we can supply other options such as larger gain aerials, aerial extension poles and/or amplifiers or talk to us about GPS triggered controllers. NOTE: This is a protected patent product, manufactured and designed by Cane Pig Queensland. Any copyright carried out will result in legal proceedings. Please contact if you would like to be a supplier of our products. Contact for wholesale pricing for multiple purchases. Please contact us for more details and purchases. Contact details on website.